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Below are all our most frequently asked questions about our group. 

Because of our focus on in-person meets, we’re primarily based in Redditch, but we’re happy to chat to anyone who needs us.

Of course, you don’t have to physically attend our meet ups if you’re unable to. We’re always available for you to drop us a message with any questions or advice that you need. One of our buddies will be happy to help you out.

Absolutely, our goal is to give out advice and assistance for anyone dealing with cancer. If you need support for yourself or advice to pass on to someone unable to be directly involved in our community, then get in touch and let us know.

While we do work with our local hospital and many of our members are in the medical field, we’re not associated with any medical body. Our goal isn’t to provide medical advice that goes against your treatment, but instead help you through the day-to-day gaps which treatment plans aren’t equipped to handle.

Not at all. This is a purely community led group. We’re here to chat, provide advice and offer all of our resources completely for free to help you through your cancer treatmenet.

We have an agreement with the owner of The Fit Club Redditch to use their facilities for our meetings and to exercise, so you can come along to our meets and make the most of it while you’re here.

That’s less of a question and more of a statement, but either way we’re very happy about it. Get in touch with us as we’d love to share our ideas for how you can set up your own group and get it out to as many members of your community as possible!

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