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Welcome to Luna Wellbeing

My name is Sharon, and I own a Wellbeing business, Luna Wellbeing Circle, based in Worcestershire.

Sharon, founder of Luna Wellbeing

My Background

After 29 years in the NHS, I felt it was time to leave after the pressures of Covid and the stress and strain. I’ve always had a passion for alternative therapy and a holistic approach to wellbeing as l believe we aren’t all textbook, and we are all unique in what we feel as a support and comfort to us in our times of need emotionally and physically.

My vision was to provide an affordable treatment space and support group for the women of Worcestershire, as l felt when l needed this due to health problems; all that I could find were very expensive and clinical. All the meet-ups for ladies involved fitness but I needed something for my mind, body and soul.

This is how my Luna Wellbeing Circle was founded.
  • Why Luna? This is due to the beautiful changes she shows us, yet she shines so brightly, similar to the changes we undergo as women.
  • Why circle? Because no one gets left out and everyone is seen.
  • Why wellbeing? Because that’s what my passion is: your wellbeing.

Luna Wellbeing is a non-judgemental space that offers a 4-week course for women to join, relax and rewind, speak to other likeminded women and empower each other with visualisation, meditation and relaxation time, a space for sharing, caring and listening to beautiful poems while you relax and forget about the outside stresses.

All is provided for your comfort, including cake and a cuppa.
As women, we always protect everyone else’s feelings and forget about ourselves. We need reminding to love ourselves and put ourselves first, and this once-a-week session is a time to switch off and feel supported to feel loved and safe in Luna Wellbeing Circle.

Also available via Zoom

l also offer a Zoom meditation relaxation class to provide calm, which is accessible each month for anyone who prefers to stay at home due to health or commitments to remain at home in your PJs and accessible at any time for that month with a new class released each month still enjoy the benefits of such a beautiful class whenever you need it.

One to one sessions

In my 1-1 session, I provide Indian head massage, meditation, and energy healing in a private room. This has many benefits for the mind, body and soul.

l also offer foot spas with reflexology and massage with a foot mask in a relaxing atmosphere with mood lighting and beautiful calming music

Gua Sha facials work on lymphatic drainage and sculpting using natural Chinese jade stones with Temple Spa products and an LED light therapy mask.

All sessions are in a relaxing therapy room with mood lighting and relaxation music. I aim to make you feel safe and supported emotionally and physically at Luna Wellbeing, putting yourself first and loving yourself with the many health benefits of holistic alternative therapy.

If you would like to know more or book onto a session, contact Sharon on 07713923351 or email 

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