Organise Your Cancer Life

Cancer can take over your life, and now your diary is full of appointments for tests, treatment, and doctor visits. Keeping track of everything in your cancer plan can be a full-time job.

Here are some top tips to help you feel in control:


#1 Keep a calendar

Whether it’s a physical calendar or a digital one, keeping track of your appointments is essential. Include the date, time, location, and other appointment details.

#2 Make a list of questions for your doctor

Doctors only have a short time with each patient, and it is easy to forget what you want to ask. If you need help deciding what questions to ask, look at the blog post ten questions to ask your Oncologist. 

#3 Organise your paperwork

As you go through your cancer journey, you will accumulate a lot of paperwork. Keep everything in a folder in date order; this means you can refer to it easily when needed and it helps you feel more in control. It is worth asking your doctor to provide printed copies of your blood results and scan reports so you can refer back if needed.

#4 Ask a loved one to be your ‘cancer assistant’ 

Dealing with cancer can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Having someone to help you stay on top of your appointments and paperwork can help to reduce stress.


Common Sense?

Some of these ideas may seem like common sense but when you are having treatment or are told you have cancer, everything changes and your mind switches to processing the cancer diagnosis and the simplest of tasks can feel overwhelming. Being organised can reduce stress and keep your mind focused on getting through your treatment.


Victoria Walsh

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