Reducing The Toxic Load To Enhance Health and Wellbeing

Life comes with constant exposure to radiation.

It often happens without us even being aware of it. Each time we take a flight, use a mobile phone or laptop, or have x-rays at the dentist’s or hospital, the amount of possible damage to our cells rises. 

Take radiotherapy, for example. Radiotherapy is radiation therapy and will raise your radiation exposure. Consider how much is in each dose/treatment, for how long, and how often. If you need radiotherapy treatment for health reasons, it is a good idea to take whatever steps are needed to restore your body to optimum health after the treatment is finished. It is important to remember that radiation levels don’t decrease by themselves; you need to help them. 

The WebMD article Radiation Doses from CT scans looks at common types of CT scans and the amount of radiation which you absorb from them:

  • Belly and pelvis: 10 mSV, equal to about 3 years of background radiation, 
  • Head: 2 mSv, equal to about 8 months of background radiation
  • Spine: 6 mSv, equal to about 2 years of background radiation
  • Chest: 7 mSV, equal to about 2 years of background radiation
  • Lung Cancer Screening: 1.5 mSV, equal to about six months of background radiation

In addition to tech and medical radiation, there is cosmic radiation – the rays that bombard us from outer space- and even radiation given off by the environment via the soil and rocks. All of this radiation affects us in various ways.


Here are a few ways to reduce your radiation levels:

* Increase your seaweed consumption. Add in blue-green algae (spirulina and chlorella). These bind to toxic substances, making it easier to excrete them from your body

* Protect yourself from mobile phone and computer radiation 

* Consult a homeopath to check about any homeopathic remedies that may help with protection and support before and after scans

* Stock up on sea salt & Epsom salt. Soak these in your bathtub for 20-30 mins daily when exposed to radiation. Add in bicarbonate soda for an additional detox. Bicarbonate soda helps neutralise radiation

* Up your antioxidants & review your supplements with the help of a nutritionist or other professional qualified to help in this area


In addition to radiation, we are also exposed to toxins.

We also absorb toxins via our skin through many commonly used cleaning, make-up & beauty and skincare products. Many people are unaware of what ingredients are lurking in their laundry detergent and what their bodies absorb via any newly washed clothes.

Many household cleaning products, including laundry detergents, claim to be eco-friendly but still have nasty chemicals hiding behind the natural ingredients. Take the word fragrance, for example; manufacturers often get away with saying that their detergent or cleaning product has fragrance in it without having to specify how the gorgeous scent it gives off was created. Your skin absorbs any hidden nasty stuff and can contribute to immune issues, skin irritation, inflammation, hormone imbalance, reproductive issues and other problems.

According to the 2018 report, Right to Know, exposing toxic chemicals in beauty, personal care and cleaning products, “Fragrance chemicals make up the vast majority of chemicals linked to adverse chronic health in the beauty, personal care and cleaning products tested.”


Tap water and toxins

Our drinking water is also home to many hidden chemicals and toxins. An article in the Guardian newspaper from 28 November 2023 states, “Potentially toxic “forever chemicals” have been detected in the drinking water sources at 17 of 18 England’s water companies, with 11,853 samples testing positive, something experts say they are extremely alarmed by.”

One easy way to reduce our toxic load and avoid irritation, allergies and potentially harmful toxins is to replace our regular household cleaning products with non-toxic, body and environment-friendly ones. A simple, efficient way of doing this is to make your own cleaners using kitchen staples like bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and essential oils. You may wish to invest in a water filter system to ensure your drinking water is safe. There are many different types out there, so do your own research to find one that suits your needs.

Maria Honeker

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