The Power Of Positivity

A positive mindset will put you in a better position to deal with treatment and motivate you to support your health with good nutrition and exercise when you can.

Five suggestions to keep a positive mindset:

#1 No Googling!

Do not Goolge your chances of survival for your type of cancer. You are not a statistic; you are a unique individual with unique circumstances and outcomes differ for everyone. No one can tell you how long you have left – not even a consultant.

#2 Find Inspiration

Find stories and examples of people with your type of cancer who have survived against all odds. Read about what they did, how they approached treatment and stayed positive throughout their experience. Even if you are stage 4, there are many stories about people in a similar situation who have survived against the odds.

#3 Make Yourself Happy

Do things to make you happy. Doing something that puts you in a good mood and promotes positive emotions will motivate you to keep going. Do you know what makes you smile? If you don’t know, now is the time to find out. We may have cancer, but we are going to keep on living!

#4 Build your team

Many people think their Oncologist is the leader of their care, but they are not. The Oncologist is one key member of your team. YOU are the leader; you know your body best, and only by listening to it will you understand what to do. During your treatment, you may come across other people who will become part of your team, e.g. family, friends, the district nurse, other cancer patients, a personal trainer or a nutritionist. Many people can help you, but you are the only one with a complete view of your situation, so you are the best person to lead your cancer-fighting team.

#5 Don’t give up

Resilience will be one of your most significant assets because having cancer is a rollercoaster of emotion. You will have very dark days; on these days, you need to keep the faith and hold on to the hope that this will work out and be okay. Resilience can be learned and strengthened, so make it a goal to improve yours and look for ways to do this using YouTube videos or a podcast. Positivity is the key to getting the best out of treatment and something every cancer patient should be encouraged to work on. You will find more articles about mindset on this website.

Victoria Walsh

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