Victoria’s Story

Hi, my name is Victoria Walsh. I am a stage 4 bowel cancer patient, and at the time of writing this, I have NO ACTIVE CANCER and have been this way for over 12 months.


“It has taken all my willpower, dedication and bravery to get me to this point.”


I’ve had two major surgeries (one lasting 17 hours), five weeks in intensive care and three years of chemotherapy to be able to sit here and write this.


“Diagnosed at 39…”

I was diagnosed in May 2019, aged 39, after being admitted to hospital with a perforated bowel, which the tumour had caused. During emergency surgery, I contracted sepsis and spent five weeks in intensive care.


I was very ill, and my family was told I wouldn’t survive.


Amazingly, I pulled through and started chemotherapy about a month after coming home. It was harsh treatment as my body was still recovering from the operation and my stay in intensive care.

My three-month scan was clear, and I breathed a sigh of relief.


“Given 12 months to live…”

However, in January 2020, something suspicious appeared on my scan. After some follow-up investigations, I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer and given the grim prognosis of surviving another 12 months.


After crying and feeling very glum, I decided enough was enough.


The doctors had a treatment plan to slow the growth, and I decided to think of cancer as a managed condition rather than a death sentence. I put time and effort into my health and lifestyle to ensure everything I did put my body in the best position to deal with the treatment.

After 12 months of chemotherapy, my tumours had shrunk and were hardly visible on the scans.

Two more years of chemotherapy ended with a final, epic, 17 hour surgery, and the results were incredible.


The cancer had gone!


“No active cancer…”

From my experience, I know cancer patients can support themselves to have a better time during treatment. I believe this so much that I am currently training to be a Health Coach and would like to help cancer patients through their treatment.

You can find out more about me on Instagram: @vicversuscancer.

Victoria Walsh

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